Cowboys Jerry Jones explains withholding comment on Ezekiel Elliott appeal

FRISCO — Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been uncommonly silent regarding the appeal process of running back Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension.

The 29-year owner, president, and general manager of the Cowboys clarified for “Shan & RJ” on Dallas-Fort Worth 105.3 The Fan Tuesday why he has been so laconic.

“I think anything that is in progress or is happening when it involves as closely as I might be, you’re subject to being subpeona,” said Jones. “You’re subject to being brought in as a part of the context of the case, then I think that does that you keep a lid on it and not give anything out gratuitously.”

When Elliott’s suspension surfaced, reports were Jones was very upset by the ruling from the NFL offices. An owner who the league once fined for his comments on revenue sharing and criticizing game officials, it was a matter of time before Jones would comment on the Elliott situation, and he has not to this point.

Nonetheless, Jones expects Elliott to play — at least one game at a time.

Said Jones: “I expect him to play Sunday [at Denver], and you’re keeping up with it. We’ve got a good narration going. The media, that really are, in my mind, doing a pretty good job of explaining it to our fans. So, I’m not going to trump that, but the bottom line is I do expect him Sunday.”

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