Mailbag: Fallout from Benwikere trade, Zeke timetable

Time for another question and conjecture – er, I mean, question and answer session.

Trouble for Nolan Carroll?

I think the trade for Bene Benwikere has a number of implications, some that include Carroll, but I don’t think suspension concerns from the Cowboys has anything to do with it. Carroll will be suspended when his DUI case is completed, but that’s likely just two games. Tough to see the Cowboys making a trade over a two game suspension.

I think it says four things, however, and one of them we already know for certain.

1. Marquez White misses the 53

This was the most obvious implication from the Benwikere trade with Cincinnati. A few hours later, we discovered it was in fact the case.

2. Jourdan Lewis’ health

Lewis has been hampered by a hamstring injury for several weeks now. Dallas must not feel good about his immediate availability to open the season and needed proven depth. That’s not to say that Lewis won’t play early, but rust is a concern.

3. Youth

Dallas is exceedingly young in the secondary. Lewis, Chidobe Awuzie, and Xavier Woods are all rookies. Kavon Frazier and Anthony Brown are in their second seasons. Some sort of veteran presence was needed.

4. Carroll’s ability

Carroll had a terrible camp for the most part. More than a suspension, Dallas might have some concern that he won’t perform well enough to warrant starting. Benwikere’s flexibility to play inside and outside gives them some insurance if Carroll fails to step up.

Ideal Time for Zeke to Serve His Suspension

This is a good question. If some sort of a suspension is inevitable, when is the best time to serve it out?

I know I’m in the minority on this, but I’d prefer Elliott take the games now and just get it out of the way. I find it highly unlikely that Elliott serves any of the suspension in 2017, but if he does, you may now be looking at serving it in November and December, when you’ve got a brutal second half schedule for the stretch run to the playoffs.

I think Elliott will ultimately serve six games, and I think it will be the first six games of next season. So much of this is going to play out like Tom Brady’s case did, and one of the ways I believe it will mirror it is by delaying the suspension for an entire year.

If Elliott is not going to serve the first six of this year, it’s better to serve the first six of next year instead of a random stretch later this season.

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