Keep Your Enemies Closer: Damon Harrison is Angry at Madden, Matt McGloin’s Family Hates Jimmy Kempski, and the Redskins Throw PED Grenades

What’s going on with the rest of the NFC East? The things below these words are what’s going on.

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Either OBJ is fine, or Ben McAdoo is playing poker.

Damon Harrison will fight the creators of Madden over his 78 toughness rating.

Since you probably didn’t hear about it from ESPN, the Giants had to cut ties with Michael Bowie following a domestic violence arrest.

Giants legend Mark Bavaro is big on rookie tight end Evan Engram.


Matt McGloin’s brother hates Eagles reporters.

With Kaepernick out of a job, the Eagles have become the league’s protest team.

A look at the Eagles’ 53 man roster battles.

Eagles fans think too highly of Alshon Jeffery.


Redskins prep for their dress rehearsal.

DeAngelo Hall won’t be around for a while.

Jordan Reed is a legitimate freak.

Zach Brown torched Lane Johnson.

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