Report: Richard Sherman dreamed of a trade to Dallas

NFL fans watched this offseason as tensions between the Seattle Seahawks and star cornerback Richard Sherman grew to the point of trade rumors. Apparently the rumors were serious enough that Sherman began fantasizing about wearing a star.

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From Seth Wickersham at ESPN today:

“This offseason Sherman and Carroll held several private conversations. Sherman had told friends that he allowed himself to imagine playing for the Cowboys, maybe the Patriots, hoping Lynch would come out of retirement and join him in New England. But unless bad teams like the Bills or Browns gave up two first-round picks, he wasn’t going anywhere.”

It looks like Sherman and the Seahawks will have to smooth over their problems and learn to live with each other. Even still, reports that Sherman has desired to play for the Cowboys has to make you wonder if Dallas would jump into the fray should Seattle decide to ship him out.

One thought on “Report: Richard Sherman dreamed of a trade to Dallas

  1. I could just imagine the leadership that he would bring to the field and the locker room. His impact would definitely make the defense formidable.


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