Second reported domestic incident involving Cowboys CB Jourdan Lewis should be cause for concern

When the Dallas Cowboys selected former Michigan cornerback Jourdan Lewis in the third round of last month’s draft, there were few questions about his ability. The uncertainty surrounding Lewis was over an arrest on domestic violence-related charges in March of this year.

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Unfortunately, there appears to be additional questions thanks to some fine reporting from Brandon George at the Dallas Morning News.

Via Dallas Morning News:

Lewis is accused of dragging his girlfriend across the floor and grabbing her by the neck in March at their apartment in Ann Arbor, according to police reports released to The Dallas Morning News via open records requests.

Records also show Ann Arbor police responded two years earlier to a report of a similar physical altercation at the same apartment. The 2015 investigation didn’t result in any charges.

Lewis’ girlfriend called 911 to report domestic assault in both incidents, but Ann Arbor police denied a request from The News for details of both calls, citing an open investigation of the 2017 case that’s scheduled to go to trial in July.

A second incident, previously unknown to the public, has to be some cause for unease. The justice system must be allowed to play out, but two calls in two years lends more validity to March’s accusations than don’t.

The article continues:

On March 15, Lewis’ girlfriend told police she came home to their apartment at about 12:30 a.m. and found Lewis asleep in bed with the light on. She said the two “got into a heated argument about the light being left on and who pays the bills.”

Lewis threw two pillows from the bed into the face of his girlfriend. Lewis then retreated to a closet. At some point, the girlfriend alleges, Lewis “dragged her across the living room floor.” When the girlfriend was asked by police how she was dragged, she told the officer she was not sure. The girlfriend also said Lewis grabbed her by the neck and held her down on the floor for about three seconds. She said Lewis then left the apartment.

Lewis told police he went into the closet to get dressed to leave, and his girlfriend then “forced open the door and struck him in the face.” When asked how she struck him in the face, he told police he “was not exactly sure.” The girlfriend did tell police she “struck/pushed Lewis in the chest.”

Lewis told police he tried to exit the apartment, but his girlfriend grabbed onto one of his legs by wrapping her arms and legs around his leg to prevent him from leaving.

When asked if he had grabbed her throat, “he stated that he may have grabbed it while trying to get her off him but had no intentions to hurt [her],” according to the report. He stated at no time was he trying to assault her.

Lewis was arrested. The following day, police photographed his girlfriend’s alleged injuries, including two scratches (one on her nose and one on her left thumb). No injury to her neck could be seen, the report said.

Once again, the justice system must be allowed to play out in this case, but the details here, some in which Lewis confirms, causes more concern than comfort.

Yesterday morning we released a new episode of CowboysCast that dealt with the irrational confidence Dallas seems to have in its ability to use locker room culture to save people from themselves. You have to hope the Cowboys staff did their homework and aren’t banking on their poor track record to save a troubled player.

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