The Cowboys’ character conundrum

He may no longer be a member of the Dallas Cowboys, but Rolando McClain’s ongoing problems are another example of the failure of “Cowboys culture.”

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McClain was arrested in Alabama on Friday on charges related to marijuana and an illegal firearm. The arrest comes on the heels of a report that Randy Gregory has failed a 7th drug test, bringing the memories of Dallas’ recent character failures back into the collective consciousness of Cowboys fans.

Why did the Cowboys invest so much time and trust into players like McClain, Gregory, Greg Hardy, and Joseph Randle? Are the Cowboys stubborn, or do they simply have too much faith in a culture they believe can save people from themselves?

On today’s edition of CowboysCast, we talk about how these four players should serve as a guide for the Cowboys when weighing character concerns in the future.

LINKWhy Rolando McClain’s Troubles Are An Indictment On Cowboys’ Front Office

3 thoughts on “The Cowboys’ character conundrum

  1. Good article , Jerry likes to give players 2nd and 3rd chances if you have top talent . But you can only gamble when a recent chance as paid off . Greg Hardy was innocent of all charges , so i am not going to include him in this discussion. Joseph Randle , he was very very talented , but just couldn’t get his mindset right . Problems weren’t on the field but he couldn’t live life off the field . Ro did very well for a year but was lazy and wanted to go back to living the Thug Life . And you still took a chance by drafting Gregory with another problem player still on the team . Until we completely move on from McClain and Gregory , we cannot take a chance on another player with mental issues . Belief it or not , drug addiction is a mental issue that no one can make you stop if your not ready to stop .


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