Dream Team: Which Cowboys players would you want on your basketball team?

Due to the NFL Draft ending and training camp still being a few months away, the league is somewhat stuck in a lull right now. However, the NBA is in the thick of things with the Conference Finals slated to begin next week.

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With the country locked into basketball at the moment, one of my Twitter followers asked a fun question below that I thought would be great for an article.

Thank you for the question Jeff.

Lets have some fun. If I was building a starting lineup for a basketball team, which Cowboys players would I select?

Point Guard – Cole Beasley

This choice was an easy call.

Beasley played point guard for Little Elm High School before going on to play football for Southern Methodist University. He has the shiftiness and quickness on the field that is perfect for knifing into the paint for either a layup or kick it to an open shooter when defenders collapse on the interior penetration.

Plus, we’ve already seen that Beasley has some serious hops.

Shooting Guard – Ezekiel Elliott

We know Zeke possesses the speed to fly down the court and get the fast break going. His soft hands in the receiving game for the Cowboys leads me to believe he likely has decent handles to cross up defenders.

Like Beasley, Zeke also hooped in high school. His highlight reel from John Burroughs High School in Missouri was unearthed last fall and quickly went viral.

Small Forward – Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant was probably a basketball player in a past life.

Dez has a reputation as a frequent pick-up basketball player with a mean jumper. Fans have often heard about the “laundry-bin basketball” games that take place between Cowboys players in the locker room, and it should be no surprise that Dez Bryant’s team is basically the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls.

Dez is a perfect fit for small forward on my team. He’s got the physicality to drive to the rim and finish, while still featuring a jump shot that defenders must respect. On the other side of the court, his 34-inch arms would narrow passing lanes and make it difficult for his opponent to get a clean look at the bucket.

Power Forward – Rico Gathers

This pick is easy money. As Cowboys fans are well aware, Gathers was a standout basketball player before he picked up the game of football, playing in 141 games for the Baylor Bears as a forward.

In his final two seasons with the Bears, Gathers shot 48% from the field while averaging 11.4 points, 10.3 rebounds, and a block and steal per game.

Check out the strong finish!

At 6’6 and 275 pounds, Gathers provides athleticism and bulk on the interior.

Center – David Irving

Are you really going to take the ball inside against my frontcourt? With Rico Gathers already providing an intimidating presence, David Irving takes it to another level as the five spot in my lineup.

Like most of the others, Irving was a two-sport athlete, playing both basketball and football for San Jacinto High School.

When I’m looking for a center, I don’t want the bulky, sluggish type. Give me a leaner body with long arms who can give teams fits with his athleticism. I don’t know if David Irving will score points for me, but I’d feel good about getting two or three blocks per game from him. At 6’8, 275 pounds, and sporting a 38-inch vertical and arms, Irving would be a great rim protector.

He recently told The Ticket in Dallas that he thought he could give the Dallas Mavericks a good 15-20 minutes on the court each night.

That’s my starting five made up of Cowboys players. Who would you pick for your basketball team? Give us a shout in the comments section.

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