Under a microscope: Dak Prescott inherits Tony Romo’s decade-long fight against unfair scrutiny

Dallas Cowboys fans need to get ready: Dak Prescott’s honeymoon with the nation is over.

It really wasn’t until 2015 that the national media and opposing fans got a chance to see what the Cowboys were with and without Tony Romo. Dallas went 3-1 in games started by Romo, and 1-11 in all others. That stark difference led decade-long critics to reflect on Romo’s career, and almost somberly acknowledge they had missed his value over the years.

With 1-11 still fresh on everyone’s minds, Dak Prescott was largely able to perform without any pressure when Romo went down in the third preseason game of 2016. Media and fans expected the Cowboys to crumble, so anything more was a pleasant surprise.

On today’s edition of CowboysCast, we’re going to look at how in addition to fame, money, adulation, and everything else that comes with being the quarterback of America’s Team, Prescott inherited something troubling when Romo retired: unfair scrutiny.

LINKDak Prescott Inherits Tony Romo’s Unwarranted Scrutiny

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