Kellen Moore on his return to Dallas, Dak’s ascent, and his desire to coach

Despite the old adage that, “the backup quarterback is the most popular player with football fans,” the truth is that their value is often forgotten.

From Steve Beuerlein’s playoff win in 1991, to Jason Garrett’s 1994 Thanksgiving miracle, all the way to Kyle Orton’s crucial interception in 2013’s “win or go home” season finale; the Dallas Cowboys have quite a history at backup quarterback.

But outside of the emergency performances, a backup quarterback is typically an extra coach on the sideline. They provide valuable insight and support to the starter between drives. Just look at 2016 when Mark Sanchez was praised for his impact on Dak Prescott’s growth.

Given those requirements of a backup quarterback, many Cowboys fans were excited that the team re-signed Kellen Moore and that big football brain of his.

On today’s edition of CowboysCast, Kellen Moore joins the show for an interview on his decision to return to Dallas, the turbulence at quarterback since he arrived, and his plans to coach one day.

LINK: Kellen Moore Talks About Re-Signing With Cowboys and Being the #2 QB in Dallas

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