Charlotte Jones Anderson compares Romo situation to Jimmy Johnson’s, ‘It’s hard’

The Tony Romo discussions will continue to heat up over the next several weeks, so why not hear it from a different perspective? Cowboys Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer Charlotte Jones Anderson joined KESN-FM 103.3 recently to relive the 90’s era and discuss how a part of it relates to their current situation.

Nothing is set in stone regarding Romo’s future as a professional football player, including the possibility of retirement. However, it’s interesting to see how those high within the organization speak on such a delicate topic.

Does it sound like Romo’s departure is approaching in the near future?

Jean-Jacques Taylor and Will Chambers originally asked Jones what it was like to be in the midst of the Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson debacle years ago, but she happened to spin her answer into a Romo-filled segment on the similarities of their current situation to the Johnson misfortune years ago.

“No one wants to ever see anything come to an end. Especially when you’re living on such excitement and such accomplishment. As we see now, we all know good things don’t last forever. And the game that we play, and the profession that we’ve chosen is people move on and move in different career paths; they have opportunities in other places that maybe they seek for different reasons, and that’s part of the business.”

If you’re unsure of whether she was talking about Johnson, Romo, or several other long-time players, she continued to explain further.

“Personally I think you want to preserve that for as long as you can, so when you see a piece leave the puzzle, it’s hard. And you know I think we’re all going through that right now with Tony (Romo), that if he leaves this piece of the puzzle that we’ve all respected so much, that’s a hard thing to accept both personally and professionally. And I think at the same time that was in a lot of ways very similar. It’s one of those things where you know when everything you feel is perfect, you don’t ever want it to end.”

Chambers and Taylor thought Jones brought up an interesting point comparing Jimmy Johnson’s departure to Romo’s, and decided to dig further to get an idea of how she’s working through the Romo situation currently.

“I think we all, as fans, have a lot of respect for Tony (Romo). We certainly have a lot of respect for the situation that unveiled before us. In that excitement, there was also this incredible challenge that Tony was facing. I think because we have all respected Tony professionally but also personally, I think you have an opportunity to get close to players that have longevity with your team, and when you do, that makes the professional decisions that much harder.”

It’s clear there’s a strong off-the-field bond between the two families, but do the Jones’ truly want what’s best for Romo enough to where they would consider a release rather than a trade?

“Tony is one of those, clearly, that we’ve all enjoyed watching play for years, but personally he’s meant a lot to every member of our family. Professionally, I think, we’ve all heard Jerry (Jones) say more than once that our biggest regret is that we couldn’t get it done with him as the leader. And to see us in this crossroads right here, we all want what’s best for Tony. We also want what’s best for the Dallas Cowboys.”

That million-dollar question remains unanswered.

Listen to the full interview here: J Dub City with Jean-Jacques Taylor and Will Chambers

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