Rod Marinelli: ‘I humbled (Randy Gregory) fast’

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli spoke of humbling Randy Gregory in a recent message to former All-Pro defensive end Simeon Rice.

Rice played under Marinelli’s tutelage for five years in Tampa Bay, and shared an undated message on Twitter late Tuesday night that he received from his former coach.

“Sim, just checking in with (you),” the note begins. “The (defensive end from Nebraska) that we drafted really benefited from your tapes that I’ve made on (sic) you. I humbled him fast. Your work lives.”

Simeon Rice and Rod Marinelli aren’t the only ones who have humbled Randy Gregory recently. The NFL announced on January 5th that Gregory would be suspended for the entirety of the 2017 season.

One thought on “Rod Marinelli: ‘I humbled (Randy Gregory) fast’

  1. Well I think Gregory will be a great defensive player for the cowboy’s.but I’m here to tell y’all what I think is the cowboy’s problem we hold on to old players too long .also a young tight end.


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