Sean Payton: ‘(Romo) will be able to provide a good boost to a team’

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton joined Jean-Jacques Taylor and Will Chambers on ESPN 103.3 in Dallas on Tuesday to express his admiration for Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott as well as the future of Tony Romo.

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Did you know that you can compare rookies and veterans in the NFL to driving a vehicle? When you get a rental car or purchase a new vehicle, you may hit the wrong button to turn on the windshield wipers. According to Sean Payton, that’d be the rookie.

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott clearly knew which button to push.

“He got in the car and it looked like he’d been driving it for five years. Those are the exceptions. Obviously that’s a credit to him, a credit to the coaches there.”

Although there may be speculation floating around on whether Prescott will take a step back during the 2017 season now that opposing teams have more film to study on him, Payton isn’t buying it.

“I would start with the myth of jinxes, second-year sophomore slumps; it all kind of runs together. In other words, there are certain things that you can control and I think the first test he passed was getting through the length of an NFL season, different than the length of a season he would have played at an SEC school.”

The former Cowboys assistant coach explained his confidence in Prescott as a second-year starter by stating that he “isn’t even talking about sophomore slumps or any of that, I’m talking about looking closely at the things that I’m sure Jason (Garrett) and his staff are doing, looking at the cut-ups, looking at improving and maybe inserting some new thoughts or ideas like you would every year. He seemed to be in real good shape. He’s sturdy.”

But with Prescott’s sudden success, that also means the end of the Tony Romo era in Dallas. Payton didn’t offer any guesses as to which team Romo will end up with, but he does believe there’s a team out there for him.

“Him (Romo) moving on to another team is pretty normal in the history of our league, you know it’s happened years after years. You look at where any elite quarterback ended his career most often than not, wasn’t with the team he initially played with. I’m sure there will be a right fit, there will be a team that feels like they’re that position away from having success sooner than later. They’ll spend a lot of time measuring and evaluating his health, and I think he’ll be able to provide a good boost to a team. I know that he still wants to play and has got good football in him.”

Payton continued to reiterate that it would have to be a team in need of a quarterback who feels they’re close, but he ended the Romo segment with something Cowboys fans should agree with in terms of where the 14-year veteran quarterback may land next.

“I think they’ll be happy with who they acquire.”

Listen to the full audio here: J Dub City – Sean Payton on what impress him about Dak, Tony Romo’s future, and a Jerry Jones story

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