NFL insiders believe Tony Romo will sign with Houston

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo may be heading south according to two of the game’s top insiders.

On Thursday, former Dallas Cowboys VP of player personnel Gil Brandt was speaking with SB Nation Radio’s Sean Salisbury about Romo’s future.

“I think if you handicapped the race, I think the team that is most likely to end up with (Romo), if you did it today, would be the Houston Texans,” Brandt posited. “Tony is not a guy that gets heavy, gets thin, gets heavy, gets thin. He’s a guy that stays in great shape, works out all the time, very athletic. I think that wherever he goes, and they can protect him, I think that you have a chance to move up the charts.”

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Brandt doesn’t believe, ultimately, that Dallas will be able to trade him for any sort of return.

“I think that they’ll waive him. I think that Jerry Jones has so much like (sic) for him, that rather than trade him someplace, let him have the opportunity to pick where he wants to go.”

Brandt wasn’t the only one expecting Romo to be released. ESPN’s Ed Werder reported yesterday that Romo himself is expecting the Cowboys to release him. So where does he end up?

“I think he would probably prefer to go to Houston,” Werder said in an interview with 104.3 The Fan in Denver. “I think Houston is a really strong contender, because they’re in close proximity to Dallas. It would make it easier for his wife and kids to be a part of it. They have a great defensive team obviously, even without JJ Watt who should be returning. Quality receivers, good offensive line, young runner; so they fit the criteria.”

If Romo does want to play for the Texans, Werder says he’s going to have to adjust his contract expectations.

“One of the things Romo is going to have to do, for the first time in his career, is accept the reality that he’s going to have to take (an incentive-heavy contract).”

The Texans had the No. 1 ranked defense in the NFL in 2016, and featured a top 10 running game. They limped into the playoffs, however, with a 9-7 record due to a passing game that finished in the bottom five in yards, touchdowns, and yards per attempt.

7 thoughts on “NFL insiders believe Tony Romo will sign with Houston

  1. I am a Houston Texan fan Tony Romo with the Texans would be a good fit) give him a two our 3-year deal) Houston needs a
    Quarterback for the future so I would try to get the best quarterback available in the draft) and the best offensive lines they need offensive line help also)


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