Former NFL executive doesn’t see why a team would trade for Romo to be their starting quarterback

Andrew Brandt joined Jean-Jacques Taylor and Will Chambers on ESPN 103.3 in Dallas on Thursday to discuss what he’d offer for Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Brandt was the Vice President of the Green Bay Packers from 1999-2008, and now serves as a columnist for the MMQB.

It’s only February, but rumors regarding Romo’s future are beginning to heat up as it was recently reported by ESPN’s Ed Werder that Romo is expecting to be released rather than traded. Obviously retirement is still an option, but if Romo truly believes that he can play at a high level in this league for a few more seasons, could the Cowboys find a trade partner?

Take a look at the portions we’ve transcribed from the interview below.

ESPN 103.3 FM’s Jean Jacques Taylor question: “What would you offer for Romo?”

Andrew Brandt: “I guess my point in on this, is everything in the NFL I always look at with availability and durability. Again, my time from Green Bay, what made Favre so valuable beyond his on-field play, is just we knew, we knew he’d always be there. We joked all the time with roster spots, we could just carry one quarterback. You know we don’t need two. Certainly don’t need three, we never carried three. So it was always a situation where the durability was so great and beyond Favre, so many players that we rewarded because we always knew they’d be there. Tony’s had these issues, so if I’m a team, am I really going to trust that I’m going to go into 2017 with Tony Romo as my quarterback? Talent wise? Yes. Leadership wise? Yes. Great guy, character wise? Yes. But then you get to the injuries, and players don’t get healthier as they get older. So you look at is that going to be a problem? I just don’t see how you can trade for him to come in as your starter. And so what that means is you’re talking lower down in the draft. You’re talking not a first, second, or maybe even a third round pick for someone that’s not coming in as a starter, that’s the problem they’re going to have.”

ESPN 103.3 FM’s Will Chambers: “You know Andrew, I hear you 100%, but we see teams now trading up, sending an enormous amount of draft picks to take a guy like Jared Goff in the draft. It seems that teams now are so much more desperate to find a quarterback that they would be willing to take a chance on Romo, despite what you don’t know about his injuries. You still don’t believe that there’s going to be one out there that thinks he can start?”

Andrew Brandt: “You have a good point about trading up for Wentz and Goff, and maybe that happens again this year with one of those two quarterbacks, Watson or Trubisky. Maybe, again, some team goes nuts in the pre-draft stuff. But I just think for a veteran player it’s very tough. Sam Bradford was a complete anomaly; it was three days before the season, they had a good team, and they were desperate. And the Eagles wrangled a one for Sam Bradford. I think that’s an anomaly. I don’t think that’s going to happen again for a veteran quarterback. Yes, they are hard to find. And yes, if Tony Romo was healthy it would be a completely different situation. Not WAS healthy, but had shown complete health over these last couple of years. So that’s the problem, is someone may go crazy for DeShaun Watson or Jimmy Garoppolo, who’s young and unproven, and has this wild career ahead of him, but not for a long-time veteran like this.”

It’s clear that health remains the main concern surrounding Romo’s future, but we’ve learned to never doubt him. Buckle up for the Romo-coaster that’s sure to be a wild ride.

Listen to the full interview here: Andrew Brandt on what he’d offer for Romo

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