Catching up with Dak: Cowboys QB chooses best throw of rookie season, life since August

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott joined the Bully Pulpit podcast produced by Mississippi State Athletics on Wednesday to discuss how life has changed since August, his stellar rookie season, and handling the spotlight.

It’s hard to imagine Prescott as an underdog, but that’s exactly how he was perceived at every level until he made the most of rare opportunities. The former Mississippi State star has now become the biggest storyline of the National Football League, starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas’ fourth-round draft pick explains how his life has changed after taking the reins from Tony Romo in 2016.

“I haven’t changed, the people around me changed. More people started to know who I am, more people try to come up to me for pictures or autographs, but I can’t say it’s been that big of a difference just from the simple fact that I try to keep myself secluded as much as I can.”

Prescott continues to reiterate that he hasn’t felt overwhelmed this past year, he expects it. However, the former Bulldog does believe that it was crazier dealing with fans at Mississippi State than at the professional level.

“What I tell people sometimes, it was worse in college than it is now. They look at me like I’m crazy, but just on the simple fact of as we know Mississippi State hadn’t had that much success in football until the years of me and my classmates when we went No. 1, it was wild.”

There’s no shortage of highlights from the Cowboys offense in 2016, but what would Prescott choose as his best throw?

It came against division rival Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving Day. With 9:28 left in the second quarter, the Cowboys needed 14 yards to keep the drive alive. Rather than throwing to an open Jason Witten in the flat, Prescott found wide receiver Cole Beasley in stride on a corner route for 18 yards. Dallas was then able to kick a field goal to increase their lead to seven.

“It was good anticipation by me, Beasley did a good job of bodying the guy off to allow the ball to fall in there. Like you said it was third and long, it’s hard to convert those in this league.”

Listen to the full interview below, where Prescott also discusses his typical offseason day and quarterback developer Dan Mullen.





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