Cowboys backup QB Kellen Moore hopes to return in 2017

The Dallas Cowboys have to make a decision this offseason on who they’d prefer to keep as a backup quarterback. We spoke last week about the options the Cowboys will have, including re-signing a favorite of Scott Linehan’s in Kellen Moore.

In an interview with ESPN Boise’s Joey Jenkins and Alex Gold last Friday, Moore expressed his desire to return to Dallas.

“Obviously you’ve got to figure out Tony’s situation first and foremost,” Moore said. “They’ll sort those things out obviously. We would love to be back there, we love it out there.”

Moore saw his 2016 season end before it ever got started, breaking his leg in the first week of training camp. That injury was the first domino to fall that led to rookie Dak Prescott taking over the starting quarterback job.

“It was probably a blessing in disguise I got hurt and we discovered Dak Prescott’s a really good quarterback,” Moore chuckled. “It was a wild season, with all the expectations going in with Tony, and then him going down. Obviously it’s really unfortunate for him, you feel bad for him, but at the same time we were kind of on a roll there, so it’s hard to justify taking Dak out at that point.”

Tony Romo is likely on the move to either retirement or becoming the starting quarterback of another organization. But even still, the Cowboys have both Mark Sanchez and Kellen Moore slated to become free agents. It will be interesting to see who, if any, return as the backup quarterback.

3 thoughts on “Cowboys backup QB Kellen Moore hopes to return in 2017

  1. I think the same thing let Tony compete for starting job . I don’t see who that would hurt Dak I am sure he didn’t think he would be starter for 3 years anyway. If Tony gets hurts you got a really good quarterback in Dak to take his place


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