Stephen Jones: Jaguars were biggest Dak Prescott fans in the NFL

Dallas Cowboys fans are well aware of the good fortune they received when selecting Dak Prescott. Dallas was a failed trade away from taking Paxton Lynch in the first round, and was leap-frogged by Oakland in the fourth round preventing them from taking Connor Cook.

Now Cowboys Executive Vice President and CEO Stephen Jones is revealing a third instance of divine Prescott intervention.

Jones was speaking Tuesday with Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller on SiriusXM NFL Radio’s “Movin’ the Chains,” live from this year’s Senior Bowl, when the conversation turned to Dallas’ introduction to Prescott at last year’s game.

“(Prescott) was on the (South team) as it turns out, but we had a great relationship with the Jacksonville coaching staff,” Jones said. “We were able to interact with the other squad, as well as we enabled them to interact with our squad.”

Jones said the 2016 Senior Bowl is where Prescott really started making an impression on the organization.

“At the time we were kind of all eyes on (Carson) Wentz, who was on our team,” Jones recalls. “But certainly got our first taste of, and saw what people thought of Dak, and what he was able to accomplish down here.”

While Prescott managed to catch the attention of the Cowboys, Jones says it was the Jacksonville Jaguars who were most intrigued by the Mississippi State senior.

“I kind of had my feelers out a little bit, and it’s my understanding the Jaguars may have had Dak as high as anybody in the NFL, as far as where they had him on the draft board.”

The Dallas coaching staff and front office deserves a lot of credit for making the selection of Dak Prescott, but leave no doubt that outside confidence in Paxton Lynch, Connor Cook, and now Blake Bortles may be the biggest reason Prescott is wearing a star on his helmet today.

You can listen to the interview clip below.


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