Hall of Famer Bob Lilly: “I like this team. We didn’t quit.”

Last Sunday’s loss was a painful one for the Cowboys, but the team got a vote of confidence on Friday from Mr. Cowboy.

Hall of Fame Defensive Tackle and 11-time Pro Bowler Bob Lilly, who spent all 14 years of his career with the Cowboys, spoke about last Sunday’s loss with Sean Salisbury on SB Nation Radio.

“I like this team. The game against Green Bay last week was a really, really good game,” Lilly said. “We didn’t quit. We were actually, the second half, pushing the Packers defense around pretty well.”

At the end of the day, Lilly says Sunday’s loss came down to Aaron Rodgers simply being a great player.

“You can’t give him 34 seconds no matter where he is. I was watching that game and I was hoping stall the game any way you can. Of course they had the timeouts, but still, if we could have knocked another 10 seconds or 15 off, maybe we could have held them.”

You can listen to the clip below, or listen to the complete interview here.

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