Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry? NFL reportedly admits critical penalty should never have been called

Well isn’t this just a kick to the stomach?

One of the more critical moments of Sunday’s 34-31 loss to the Packers came in the first quarter with Dallas trailing 7-3. A 22 yard reception by Terrance Williams inside the Green Bay 20 was negated by a bizarre unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Brice Butler.

Referees claimed Butler checked into the game, entered the huddle, and left without playing on the ensuing snap. The 15 yard penalty was a 37 yard swing against Dallas, and the Cowboys ultimately had to punt the ball.

Now the NFL is apologizing for apparently getting the call wrong.

This from former NFL Executive and Fox Sports analyst Michael Lombardi.

What was already a gut-wrenching loss for the Cowboys just got a little tougher.

UPDATE: NFL VP of Officiating Dean Blandino and NFL VP of Football Communications Michael Signora are denying the Lombardi report, and insisting the correct call was made.

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