CowboysCast: Hard Truths at Quarterback, Greg Auman on the Bucs, and RJ Ochoa and Laurie Horesh Talk Cowboys

The Cowboys are beaten and bruised after Sunday’s tough loss to the Giants. We’re looking back at what went wrong and looking ahead and what’s next in this week’s episode!

  • Anxiety has swept over Cowboys Nation in the wake of the team’s 2nd loss of the season. Many are now wondering if the time has come to put Tony Romo back in at quarterback. Bobby breaks down some hard truths that Cowboys fans must come to grips with.
  • What should Dallas expect from Tampa Bay this week? Greg Auman from the Tampa Bay Times shares his thoughts.
  • Was Dallas exposed by the Giants? What should the team’s goals be in the final three weeks of the season? Bobby is joined by RJ Ochoa from Inside the Star and Laurie Horesh from Cowboys Blitz to discuss.

It’s all here on this week’s CowboysCast!

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