Week 9 Staff Predictions: Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns

The Dallas Cowboys are back on the road to face the winless Cleveland Browns on Sunday afternoon. Could this be a trap game or will the Cowboys win in convincing fashion? Cowboys Blitz writers share their predictions below.Dallas Cowboys (6-1) at Cleveland Browns (0-8)

Sunday, Nov. 6, 12:00 p.m. CST

FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland Ohio


Bobby: This is a fortuitous week for the Cowboys to be without Morris Claiborne and Barry Church. While Corey Coleman and Terrelle Pryor are two guys who can definitely stretch the field, Cody Kessler is a quarterback who can’t. Kessler lives in the short and occasional intermediate game, meaning less pressure on the Dallas defensive backs to keep up with Cleveland’s speed demons. The Browns have a swiss cheese defense that is particularly susceptible to the run. On paper, Ezekiel Elliott should have a big game, which likely means the Cowboys will control the clock. Cowboys 28, Browns 10

Cami: I’m not a fan of having to play against a winless team. These squads play as if they have nothing to lose, so you get the feeling a win is bound to come eventually. The Browns have their fair share of playmakers on offense with Terrelle Pryor, Corey Coleman, and a solid running back duo of Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson. However, it’s in the Cowboys favor that they’ll be facing rookie Cody Kessler at quarterback rather than Josh McCown. Dallas should have no problem moving the ball on offense as Cleveland is ranked near the bottom of the league in nearly every defensive category, including very last in yards given up per game. I have an odd feeling that Duke Johnson plays a major role in this game, keeping it too close for comfort. But will anyone ever have an answer for Ezekiel Elliott? Cowboys 32, Browns 28

Jonah: I have a feeling this is going to be a tougher game than most fans realize. Yes, I know the Browns have yet to win a game this season, but with the Cowboys ailing on defense with injuries in the secondary, a big week could be in store for wide receivers Terrelle Pryor and Corey Coleman. I also mentioned in the JAM series with Cami this week that Duke Johnson is going to give this team trouble as well. However, the Browns have one of the worst run defenses in the league, and they will have no answer for Ezekiel Elliott and this offensive line controlling the game clock. Cowboys 24, Browns 14

Laurie: Dallas’ ailing secondary will be tested at every level by Corey Coleman and Terrelle Pyror. The duo boast the size and explosion to trouble the Cowboys rejigged cornerback rotation, even with Cody Kessler’s short-sighted radar leading the Browns offense. In recent times Dallas has faltered against receiving backs with wiggle, and the thought of Duke Johnson 1-on-1 with Anthony Hitchens or J.J. Wilcox won’t help Rod Marinelli sleep the night before. With ball in hand, there should be little trouble for Dak Prescott to move the chains consistently, with a healthy dose of Ezekiel Elliott (hopefully in the red zone) the best way to control the clock against a desperate and winless opposition. Whether Dallas will get the Joe Haden of old manning Dez Bryant may determine if Dallas lands a knockout blow before half time, but I have sneaking suspicion Hue Jackson’s weapons set off alarm bells back in Frisco. Cowboys 24, Browns 28

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