CowboysCast: Former Raiders CEO Amy Trask discusses her book, “You Negotiate like a Girl”

As many of you know, sports publisher Triumph Books is one of our most-valued partners here at Cowboys Blitz.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Triumph, we’ll be conducting a series of interviews with the authors of some of their fantastic NFL books.

Today, CowboysCast host Bobby Belt welcomes former Raiders CEO Amy Trask to discuss her new book, “You Negotiate Like a Girl.”

Affectionately known as “The Princess of Darkness,” by Raiders fans, Amy discusses her ascension to CEO, her relationship with Al Davis, and some of the hurdles she faced as often being the only woman in a male-dominated field.

If you’d like to buy a copy of her book, click here and get 30% off of the print edition by entering promo code Blitz2016 at checkout. Please note that the promo code is case sensitive!

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