Thinking inside the box: Cowboys-Dolphins game diary

Trying to formulate post-game thoughts is always difficult for me. That thing I felt so strongly about in the heat of the moment will slip my mind two hours later when I’m attempting to recall it. My mom always told me I should eat more blueberries for my memory. Sorry, mom!

My solution to this recall problem is to log my stream of consciousness right here, for you, the Cowboys Blitz reader.


15:00 – A hold on Zack Martin reverses a nice opening run by Alfred Morris, but La’el Collins had a nasty block to free Morris.

12:45 – Three holding calls already, but the run game still looks solid. Alfred Morris made a nice cutback to find the hole and gain 7. That type of vision is what makes Morris a better fit for this blocking scheme than Darren McFadden.

10:25 – Really impressive push by Tyrone Crawford on the sack. Strong hands and a play that probably doesn’t happen last year with an injured shoulder.

9:38 – Ahhhh…Romo to Dez. That feels good to see again. Little low and behind, but Dez makes a nice grab falling to the turf.

7:35 – Morris, again, displays fantastic vision on the cutback for a big first down run.

6:03 – Alfred Morris, AGAIN, making his presence felt. Stopped at the line, bounced it outside to the left, and broke a tackle on the way to the end zone.

4:03 – Tyrone Crawford just misses a sack, but it’s encouraging to see him getting consistent pressure. The shoulder, it would appear, is back to full strength.

3:30 – Byron Jones on back-to-back plays shows his full range; breaks up a pass in the end zone, and follows it up by stopping Arian Foster in the box. Lots of excitement surrounding Jones this year.

2:30 – Dak Prescott is on and opens up with a beautiful play action pass to Geoff Swaim for 22 yards. When he rolls out, Dak Prescott is at his absolute best.

1:25 – Alfred Morris fights through traffic for another big run. If he can continue to perform, he takes a lot of pressure off of Zeke to be a 25-30 carry per game bellcow.


13:04 – Ryan Russell makes a good stop against the run. Important for him to step up in both phases.

12:20 – Byron Jones again steps up with a pass breakup. If the pass rush isn’t going to be there, you need Byron Jones to play all-world this year.

12:14 – Ryan Russell is flagged for roughing, but he came BLAZING off the edge. That, at the very least, is encouraging.

10:39 – Tannehill has ALL day to throw to Kenny Stills on the touchdown. Outside of Tyrone Crawford, no one on the DL has been overly impressive.

9:55 – Dak remains patient in the pocket, waits for Brice Butler to make his cut, then fires a dart. Prescott looking fantastic even with reserves now in the game, which has been a question for some.

8:49 – And now a really bad pass/read by Dak that gets intercepted. Saved by a roughing the passer call against Miami, however. He is the teflon, quarterback.

4:55 – Shaneil Jenkins just misses a sack on a nice twist. Could be fighting for a spot on the roster with his play the last two weeks.

2:52 – Ryan Russell helps collapse the pocket and forces Tannehill into a hurried throw on 2nd and goal. A quietly good game from Russell.

0:45 – Shaneil Jenkins with the big time sack and forced fumble. He needs to make this team.


14:00 – Shaneil Jenkins is really making a case to not only make this team, but be a rotational piece Makes another stop in the backfield.

12:20 – Arguably Dak Prescott’s most impressive throw down the field to Butler. Prescott, even with reserves in place, continues to dominate.

11:17 – Heard in the press box: “Dak could maybe give Romo a run for his money.” Hol’ up, whoa der’. Let’s not start talking crazy.

10:45 – Kyle Wilber comes off the edge for a sack. If you can’t get your defensive ends to rush the passer, I guess you have to rely on hybrid linebackers.

8:45 – Darius Jackson with a nice gain inside the 10, but was a little late on his cutback. If he sees it earlier, he’s got 6.

6:00 – Kyle Wilber again comes off the edge with a big tackle for loss. Might they have found a new option at DE?


14:17 – We’re into garbage time now, so my thoughts are waning. Jeremiah McKinnon was just in on a tackle. He gave up the second touchdown of the game, but other than that he’s had a decent outing.

11:21 – Darius Jackson with another nifty 7 yard run. His first two games haven’t been earth-shattering, but he’s competing, as Jason Garrett likes to say. Would really like to see how he would run with the first team OL.

1:14 – I keep seeing Rodney Coe in this game. He wasn’t splashy like Shaneil Jenkins, but solid penetration and disruption. Will be interested to see what happens with him.

You’ll notice, as I did, that there were very few Chaz Green thoughts. Lets take that as a good thing that he wasn’t noticed much.

Three main takeaways from this game is that the backup quarterback competition is over, Alfred Morris will be a fantastic combination with Ezekiel Elliott, and Shaneil Jenkins needs to make the roster.

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