Cowboys new practice facility ‘The Star’ will leave you speechless

The Cowboys officially returned to Texas after spending several weeks in California for training camp. But when they take the practice field next week, it won’t be at Valley Ranch.

Goodbye to Valley Ranch, hello to the Star.

The Star, now the league’s most luxurious practice facility, will be a multi-use event center. Frisco ISD and the city of Frisco first announced its partnership with the Dallas Cowboys in August of 2013. Although football is the focal point, Frisco ISD is also looking to host other sporting events at The Star, such as soccer.

There’s also two outdoor practice fields, one grass and one turf, but these will be exclusively for the Cowboys’ use. Not enough to impress you yet? The practice fields were placed below ground level and with strategic screening to allow the Cowboys to practice without wandering eyes from the competition.

The 12,000-seat indoor stadium will have one side dedicated to high school operations, while the other side will be for the Cowboys. Can you imagine having high school practices and games at this type of event center?

Technology is continuously evolving, so it comes as no surprise that the Star includes an interactive video wall and two 98-inch multi-touch displays in the Cowboys 40 feet by 30 feet war room.

Included in the 90 acres of the Star is a 16-story Omni hotel, where the stitching in some of the furniture will resemble the stitching on a football.

When everything is complete, the cost will total around 1.5 billion, more than the cost of AT&T Stadium.


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